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Friday, August 23, 2019

At the End of the Rainbow

The federal state of Quintana Roo stands for sun, beach and turquoise water.

Most of our round trips end at the Caribbean coast of Yucatan – at the end of the rainbow. That’s the name the Maya gave to this wonderful spot on Earth, one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in America. The coast of 300 km (nearly 200 mi.) offers everyone what they may wish. Highlife in Cancún or lonely sandy beaches in Puerto Morelos or Tulum. For many Europeans, Playa del Carmen has remained the most agreeable sea station since beach life here is mixed with nice shops and good food.

South of Playa del Carmen lies the Mayan rock fortress of Tulum, which is situated right on the turquoise water of the Caribbean. Tulum means “wall” or “fortress” and derives from the wall that encloses the whole structure. The town originally covered an area of several square miles, but only the temple district with the palace, which was still inhabited when the Spanish arrived, is extant. Other buildings are the Templo del Dios Descendente and the Templo de los Frescos, whose original Mayan names have unfortunately not been handed down. Although Tulum’s significance does not match that of the major Mayan ruined towns, the harmony of the ruins with the white sand and the turquoise water is ravishing and unique.

The biosphere preserve of Sian Ka’an protects an area of 5,281 km² (2,040 sq. mi.) south of Tulum and is listed as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage. The great diversity of the fauna and flora there is worth discovering. Day trips with kayaking, fly-fishing and hiking in the biosphere preserve can be organized any time.