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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Fortress of Campeche

In 1517, Spanish Hernández de Córdoba was the first European to set foot into the existing Mayan town with the name “place of snakes and ticks” on the Gulf of Mexico.

Hernán Cortés landed here some years later. In 1540, the Spanish founded today’s Campeche, which soon became a thriving port of increasing importance. The richness, however, also allured pirates, which raided and heavily devastated the town many times until 1717. Because of the frequent attacks, the Spanish crown eventually had Campeche, as the first town of Nueva Espania, surrounded with a strong wall and numerous bastions. The baluarte, as the Mexicans call it, is today one of the most important sights, which we will not fail to visit during our brief tour. The most beautiful colonial buildings, which have been restored with loving care, are situated inside this perimeter. We also visit the cathedral La Concepción and cross the heart of town – the small Zócalo Parque Principal. While we are slowly strolling the narrow streets, the time of the Spanish conquistadors is revived in our minds.