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Friday, August 23, 2019

Puebla – Pearl of Colonial Architecture

Accompany Native Trails to explore the colonial pearl of Puebla.

The architecture of this city is primarily characterized by the colorful talavera tiles, which were used all over the region to create charming decorations; even today, they continue to be an inspiration for the invention of new designs. Many of the façades are covered with these magnificent tiles – originally a product imported from Spain. The most beautiful sights of Puebla are not far from the Zócalo and within short walking distance. Let’s saunter about the Plaza de la Constitución. One of the largest and most beautiful places in all Mexico, it is surrounded by many arcades and, of course, overlooked by the cathedral, whose construction was begun as early as 1575. A visit is recommended because the church has very impressive decorations in Mexican Baroque style. Before we leave Puebla, however, you should taste a specialty of the regional cuisine. Designed by nuns on the occasion of a bishop’s visit many decades ago, “mole poblano,” a thick chocolate sauce, is a delicacy made of countless spices, herbs, chili, and dark chocolate. The original recipe is kept a secret to this very day.