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Friday, August 23, 2019

The History

All began in 1994 on our "Wild Tarantula Tour," when I invited my best friends from Germany to explore, together with Rick and me, the Southwest of the USA and Mexico’s Copper Canyons.

It became clear during this trip that Mexico had incredibly much to offer. It took us some time of planning and preparing our enterprise, before we could present and elaborate our plans of a Mexico-focused travel business at the ITB (International Tourism Bourse) in Berlin. We went on the first group tour to the Baja California and the Copper Canyons two years later. Native Trails continued to develop in the following years, the range of offers was growing, and the tourists’ interest, soaring.

In 2008, my American partner and I separated business, and I founded the Native Trails GmbH & Co. KG, domiciled in Germany. My team in Germany, France and Mexico – with Birgit Grund as managing director in Mexico City – is young, well trained and highly motivated. Besides Mexico and the Southwest of the USA, our destinations include some of the most interesting regions in the world in terms of culture and landscape. Mexico, however, is and will remain our main focus – the country of the big soul and countless facets; the country of cultural diversity and pre-Columbian civilizations; the country of the Copper Canyons and the Baja California with its wide range of changes between desert and sea.  

I want our mutual customers to experience this fascinating world. Besides the responsibility towards the Mexican people, this includes an ecologically sensitive tourism that pays particular attention to preserving these unique civilizations. This is our approach to create our travel programs that are intended to make our and your customers familiar with the essence of Mexico.

In the past years, our effort has convinced renowned travel companies in Europe, the USA and Mexico, which became content and loyal partners of ours. This is something we are proud of! And our joy is even greater if our travels gain us new friends.

Accompany us to discover Mexico!

Olaf Bock von Gersum
November 2015