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Friday, August 23, 2019

The Mennonites of Cuauhtémoc

The city of Cuauhtémoc lies 82 km west of Chihuahua in the State of the same name. In addition to its important cattle industry, Cuauhtémoc is known as the “State Granary“.

Eastwards of Cuauhtémoc lies the Laguna de Bustillos, with its excellent water sports facilities and a fascinating array of waterfowl. An enclave of traditional Protestant Menonites has established itself in the area surrounding Cuauhtémoc. The first community of settlers arrived Cuauhtémoc in 1921 with 7.000 believers, upon invitation of the Mexican President Alvaro Obregón; more than 40,000 Mennonites live here today, in over 200 villages. The official language is German, a low German dialect is spoken. Over the years, the community has formed three main groups, with varying religious and political positions. Whereas the liberal group supports broader education and contact to the Hispanic community, the conservative group hold fast to the traditions of their forefathers. The Mexican people hold the Mennonites in high regard, most especially because of their excellent milk products and the superior machine building.

When you arrive on the train in Cuauhtémoc in the afternoon, you will be greeted and brought to your hotel. The remainder of the day is yours to spend as you wish. The next morning, after breakfast in your hotel, you will be picked-up by your driver and local tour guide. The morning’s programm includes visits to several Mennonite settlements and the local radio station, which broadcasts in German. On the drive to a Mennonite dairy and cheese factory, you will cross the striking agricultural countryside. In the shops in the various settlements, you can purchase ham, cheese, bread and agricultural equipment of any kind. We round up our tour with a Mennonite lunch, before returning in the afternoon to the Cuauhtémoc Station.